Digital marketing assets? What the…?

Digital marketing assets? What the…?

Digital marketing assets and peer backed media buying is all the rage now, but how does it actually work?

2019 has seen many media firms go live with their own versions of digital marketing assets. It’s a wonderful and fun way to invest in something different, learn a new skill all whilst having a blast.

So simple it actually makes sense

The concept is very simple and not only applies to media buying. When you have a business and just starting out, you are competing with hundreds of other companies in the same space.

This means that you often pay more or the same as the other competitors for supplies/product for your business whilst competing for the same customers.

Sounds normal right? Correct! This is even the media buying industry when buying media and ad space for our customers. Well, imagine if we were able to negotiate better rates based on pure volume purchased from large media publishers like Google, Facebook et al., but instead of keeping this to ourselves, we gave our own advertisers better rates.

Better rates for our advertisers and higher volume means more impressions, better click rates (our ads kick$%s ;), higher conversion rates and more profits for both advertiser and us.

This is where you come in.

KickAds is one of the leading peer backed media buying companies globally and offer the full experience, training and support for folk that would like to experience digital media buying or the digital marketing landscape.

We started small but with the help of our backers, good folk like you, we were able to purchase more ad space, get far better rates and sign bigger brands once we were able to produce the right numbers.

You get a fun experience, the ability to make a bit of extra cash and we provide you with great digital media opportunities to work on great campaigns for some of the biggest brands globally. Win win for all.

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