“Ad Backing” – Entrepreneurs are at it – Why am I not?


What is it “Ad Backing”?


KICKADS – one of the biggest peer driven digital marketing and media buying agencies in the world – has made it possible for everyone to join in on the fun of media buying; taking an advertisement and exposing it to the appropriate target audience to make it effective and profitable. KICKADS negotiates prices and the placement of the ads for you, you back your favourite advertisements with as much money as you wish, and you get your share of the profits every time an online user clicks on your ad.


In advertising, large budgets guarantee better advertising rates and this is where the idea for KICKADS was born. The team behind KICKADS has years of experience of working in traditional marketing and advertising agencies. They witnessed every day how larger agencies with higher budgets got better advertising rates and they thought that bringing people together could help them achieve the same. When people from all over the world join forces, they can revolutionise digital marketing like never before. With every bit of an advertising campaign budget backed up by you, better advertising rates are secured, profit margins increase and you earn more from the ad revenues.


The perks of “Ad Backing”

Earn Passive Income

Join the thousands of entrepreneurs who have already signed up and are active ‘backers’ on the KICKADS online platform – increasing their earnings from the comfort of their own home.

Back your favourite brands

With KICKADS you can ‘back’ trending marketing campaigns for business giants and products you are passionate about including your favourite fashion brands, sports events, gadgets, video games and more.

You are backed-up by experts

The KICKADS marketing team is made of experienced digital experts who will take care of every marketing detail while you keep track of campaigns and enjoy your share of the pie.


It’s super easy to start


How do I ‘back’ ads? You can join the digital marketing fun in three easy steps.



  1. Register

Sign up for an account and get to know all the advertising campaigns that you can ‘back.’

  1. Select

Choose the campaign you wish to ‘back,’ and the amount of money you wish to contribute

  1. Publish & Monitor your ROI

Your chosen ad gets published online, you keep track of the campaign performance with live metrics and witness your earnings roll-in in real time!!!


Discover how awesome advertising can be when you join the digital marketing media buying revolution with KICKADS, the marketing partners you want to have by your side. Find out more about KICKADS here.

We love what we do.

We love digital marketing and so will you. Our team are passionate about what we do and supporting others who want to join us.

Here to help. 24/6.

Our support team are here to assist you 24/6 with all your queries, campaign support and ongoing training if need be. Don’t be shy, reach out.

How it all started.

We’ve always been in the digital marketing space. It’s in our DNA. After many years of working in traditional marketing and advertising agencies and seeing how the larger agencies with more buying power outbid us and managed to secure far better advertising rates, we decided there must be a way for us to compete.

That’s when the concept of peer backed digital marketing campaigns was born. Work with everyday folk that would like to start or try digital marketing, or just entrepreneurs looking for passive investments.

Today we have thousands of peers that back campaigns across various mediums and together we now have the buying power to get the right deals and a fair go for our advertisers.

Better rates, better performance means happy advertisers, publishers and our backers get a share of the revenues generated through the campaigns.

Online marketing. For everyone.